Spray Quality Control

atomizer quality control procedure

To ensure a consistent spray performance and outstanding quality, each atomizer undergoes several inspection steps during manufacturing and is finally rigorously tested and packaged in our spray lab according to Standard Operating Procedures. Each nozzle is marked with a serial number on body and air cap to ensure proper assembly.
The final quality control includes optical inspection using Digital-Image Microscopy (DIM) spray pattern analysis using a SED Spray Error Patternation system (Optical Patternator) based on a laser light scattering technique, spray performance analysis, and droplet size analysis as shown in the flow chart and the test protocol below.
100% inspection assures repeatable results in terms of spray performance from atomizer to atomizer.

nozzle test protocol

Nozzle inspectiom procedure

Atomizer Inspection and Validation

micro nozzle validation posted by ioos systems

Spray characterization is crucial for quality control and optimization of atomizers. For example, a homogeneous and reproducible droplet (particle) size distribution of the spray is one of the most important parameters for an inhalation product. To help our customers ensure that all their atomizers operate within the desired specifications and provide a reproducible performance during the spraying process, ioos systems provides an nozzle inspection and validation service. A wide range of atomizers including various electrostatic, ultrasonic, and pneumatic spray nozzles can be tested. Our testing procedure is based on our long experience in providing production equipment for high demanding applications, such as coating of arterial stents. We can perform the following relevant tests according to the Guidance for Industry for various atomizers, including nasal sprays and inhalers: Particle  (droplet) size distribution using Laser Diffraction (Sympatec), spray plume geometry, shape and size, spray distribution using our novel optical Spray Error Patternator. After optical inspection using Digital-Image Microscopy (DIM) spray pattern, spray performance, and droplet size analysis are performed at given process parameters and, if desired, with the  customer specific process fluid. To learn more about our unique spray analysis instrumentation and method visit www.spraydiagnostic.com.

micro nozzle spray test
B12 during spray testing